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Keep Thanksgiving Cooking Accident-Free

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November 11, 2020
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Keep Thanksgiving Cooking Accident-Free

A person is cooking chicken in an outdoor pot.

Thanksgiving will look a lot different for many families this year (thanks, Corona virus!). But it will still be a day of (socially-distanced) gathering with family and gorging on an abundance of food. All that traveling and cooking can bring dangers that can be avoided with a bit of forethought and caution.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, Thanksgiving is the peak day each year for home cooking fires. In fact, the American Red Cross (ARC) tells us that cooking fires nearly double on Thanksgiving Day, occurring more than twice as often as on any other day. Thanksgiving Day home fires cause more property damage and claim more lives than home fires on any other day, according to the ARC.


Turkey Fryer Safety

At the top of the list of home fire dangers are the deep fryers that many people swear by for turkey preparation. If you do decide to use a turkey fryer, do so outdoors and in an open area.

Position the deep fryer away from walls or fences and make sure to keep children and pets away.

Determine the correct amount of oil needed by first placing the turkey in the pot with water.

Make sure your turkey is completely thawed before you fry it to avoid oil splattering. Check the temperature often with a cooking thermometer so the oil won’t overheat.

And don’t forget that the pot, lid and handles of a turkey fryer can get dangerously hot. Be sure to use long cooking gloves that protect hands and arms from burn injuries.


Clear the Kitchen

Whether you are deep-frying, grilling, baking, broiling or roasting, don’t leave your cooking unattended. Check on your food regularly as it cooks, and set a timer to remind you to turn off the oven or stove.

Don’t wear loose clothing or dangling sleeves, especially near the open flame of the stove. Similarly, don’t let curtains, towels, pot holders, oven mitts, paper or plastic bags come into contact with your stove or heat-generating appliance. Establish and enforce a kid-free zone within three feet of your oven and stove.

Turn pot handles to the back of the stove so that it is harder for someone to accidentally bump them or pull them over.

When all the cooking is done, check the kitchen before going to bed or leaving home. You’ll want to be sure all stoves, ovens and small appliances are turned off.

Glenn Insurance wants you and your loved ones to be safe and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with loved ones. Call 1-888-OK-GLENN for a quote or to review your homeowner’s policy. Visit us on the web at GlennInsurance.com.

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