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Red Flags to Look For in a Home Inspection Report

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Red Flags to Look For in a Home Inspection Report

A comprehensive home inspection is a valuable tool. For buyers, it identifies areas that need work, and for sellers it proves that a home has been cared for and justifies the asking price.

Most homes have at least some minor cosmetic issues, like loose siding or peeling paint. While these issues are easy enough to repair, some conditions are more difficult and costly to address.

Before making any big decisions, be sure to look for these red flags on your home inspection report:


Pests cause significant damage to a home’s infrastructure. While identifying a termite infestation is easy, other pests take training to identify properly. Look for a professional that is familiar with regional species and is licensed to perform a home inspection for sales purposes.


Most homes have some mold in crawl spaces and attics, and not all mold is bad for your health. However, mold can indicate other problems, like water leaks from the roof or major appliances. A certified mold inspector can tell what type of mold a home has, how harmful it is and what to do about it.


While any home inspector can spot a sound roof, a certified roof inspector will use special tools and techniques to determine the integrity of the structure without lifting a shingle.

Fireplace and Chimney

A clogged flue or a leaky chimney is a fire hazard. That’s why experts recommend having fireplaces and chimneys inspected annually by a fireplace inspector. If a problem arises, they can quote the necessary repairs.

Air Quality

Air quality problems can come from anywhere: sheetrock and paint to carpet and cabinets or gases trapped in a home’s foundation. Professional air quality testing reveals problems in new construction, and where formaldehyde, hidden mold and tobacco smoke are common culprits in older homes.


Updating wiring and upgrading electrical service are costly projects that require permits, professionals and inspections. Address these major issues with the seller’s agent before completing a transaction.

Luckily, there are specialists in every field to take a closer look at important areas that could make or break a home purchase.

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