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Group Health Plans

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Group insurance is a health care coverage plan in which individual employees or members are included under one ‘master policy,’ owned by their employers. Group health plans are often provided to employees of companies as an employee benefit. We offer the following group plans:

  • Group Dental
  • Group Disability
  • Group Life
  • Group Long-Term Care
  • Group Health

We Help You Find Affordable Health Insurance for You and Your Employees

Whether you are looking for small business, group, or self-employed medical insurance, Glenn Insurance can help you to obtain high-quality, low-cost healthcare for you and your employees. We understand that the environment of small business owners differs in many respects from that of larger businesses that might require specific plans.

We can discuss your business’ medical coverage needs. We will provide you with various options and affordable rates that meet your requirements. You can simply choose the medical coverage plans and rates that are best for you and your employees, taking into account such factors as the monthly premium, deductible amounts, maximum out-of-pocket benefits, lifetime coverage limits, and wellness visits or preventative care, among others.

Although there are many choices to consider when looking for comprehensive, affordable small business health insurance quotes, we can assist you with comparing some popular major medical plans that many employers choose to offer.