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NJ Health Insurance 2021

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NJ Health Insurance 2021

Individual Health and Dental Plans 2021

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NJ Health Insurance

Horizon BCBS

Plan Guide With Rates

Horizon Dental and Vision Guide

Horizon Broker of Record Form – Name us as your broker of an existing policy

Horizon Termination Request – terminate an existing plan (using if moving to AmeriHealth)

Enrollment Form

Horizon BCBS SBC’s


AmeriHealth Plan Guide

AmeriHealth Rates

AmeriHealth Changes This Year

Enrollment Forms – still waiting on these.

Benefit Summaries: Link to AmeriHealth


NJ Dental Insurance

Horizon BCBS Dental Plan Guide

Horizon BCBS Dental Application

Review of Horizon BCBS Individual Dental Insurance Blog Post


Other Useful Links

Tax Credit Grid – Income limits to receive the subsidy

Official Federal Poverty Limit Grids – these numbers should match the amounts above, but only include up to the 100% poverty level.

MAGI Calculator – Calculate Estimated Income Correctly

GetCoveredNJ – Official Exchange for NJ in 2021. This is the portal we will use for anyone eligible for a tax credit.



  1. How To Run a Quick Quote on GetCoveredNJ
  2. How the tax credit works on GetCoveredNJ
  3. What happens if you guess your income too high or too low for the tax credit
  4. What to do if your income is too high for the tax credit. How to lower your income and qualify.







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