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Insurance Tips for College Students

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October 20, 2017
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Insurance Tips for College Students

Your college teen has a lot on their mind right now. Being vigilant about the family car and other valuables may take a back seat to studying.

Luckily, they have you to remind them of some important considerations:

  1. If they take the family car to college, stress the importance of not lending it out to others. Allowing friends and other people to drive a car on your insurance policy increases your liability and could become an expensive situation.
  2. Insurance companies typically rate car insurance differently for college students out of state. If your child is over 100 miles from home, your insurance company may offer an “away at school†discount. Check with your agent for options.
  3. Many insurance companies offer student insurance policies that have an affordable deductible (e.g., $50,) and covers things like their computer, personal belongings and dorm room. Having this policy in place helps parents avoid jeopardizing their homeowners insurance. Check with your agent for options.

The best thing parents can do is make sure they are protected even when they’re away!

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Barbara Lee
Personal Insurance

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