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How Being ‘Licensed And Bonded’ Helps Your Business

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March 28, 2019
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How Being ‘Licensed And Bonded’ Helps Your Business

Have you ever seen a business truck with ‘licensed and bonded’ written on it and wondered what it meant?

More than just a catch phrase, being licensed and bonded means a company or contractor assures their business is financially secure and their quality of work is guaranteed.

In some industries, surety license and permit bonds are necessary for a business to legally operate. Government agencies regularly require businesses to purchase bonds to protect customers against fraudulent practices.

If a business or one of its employees fails to perform to their obligations, the bond ensures compensation to the customer. Businesses that operate without necessary licensing risk facing criminal and financial charges.

For businesses, getting bonded translates to a trusting relationship with the public. Customers – current and potential – feel assured that they can depend on the company or contractor to perform to their contractual obligations. In the public’s eye, this makes vendors reliable, validating their character and legitimacy.

Bonding is an additional layer of protection that a business can market to its consumers. These bonds can be used as selling tools to reassure trustworthiness and dependability.

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