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Get Prepared Before That Summer Vacation

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Get Prepared Before That Summer Vacation

With summer around the corner, vacation is in sight. Your number one priority is relaxation, which is why you should prepare your home before that getaway.

Here are some handy tips for preparing your home.

Check The Outside First

Take a walk around your house to look for vulnerabilities. Loose fencing, broken roof shingles and other seemingly non-urgent matters can become trouble while you are away. Check for loose yard items that can be swept away in a storm. While you’re at it, latch and lock those swinging porch doors.

If you have a pool, turn off the heater and leave the pump running to avoid algae buildup. Use a cover to prevent a buildup of leaves and debris.

If you are leaving your car behind, keep it in the garage to avoid weather damage and burglaries.

Preparing The Inside Of Your Home

Take a walkthrough and ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked.

Add batteries to smoke detectors if necessary, and unplug all appliances and electronics that don’t need to run. Keeping these items off while you are away saves you money on your electric bill, limits damage in the event of a power surge and reduces fire hazards.

Clean out your refrigerator and throw away (or donate!) any perishable foods. Throw out your garbage to prevent an awful stench when you return.

Have A Neighbor Check In

If you are gone for a long time, having a neighbor or close friend check on your house is a good idea. Your neighbor can collect mail, water plants and keep an eye out for potential hazards while you are away.

Following these home preparation tips before you leave for your relaxing vacation will save you a headache later. And remember that the unexpected can still follow you on your vacation, which is why the right home insurance policy is crucial to stay protected.

For a home insurance quote, call Glenn Insurance at 1-888-OK GLENN or visit www.glenninsurance.com/quick-quote.

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