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Couples Spending Top Dollar For Weddings This Year

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Couples Spending Top Dollar For Weddings This Year

To steal a phrase from the late great Frank Sinatra, love and marriage truly do go together like a horse and carriage. But making a strong case for inclusion in the matrimonial pairing – this year, in particular – is spending, according to a newly released wedding trends report.

A red and black background with an arrow in the middle.Thumbtack, an online destination consumers use for event planning, is out with its annual report on some of the plans soon-to-be newlyweds are stringing together this year in preparation for their big day. Chief among their arrangements is an uptick in how much they’re doling out for the ceremonial march down the aisle. The average couple in 2016 will spend roughly $2,000 more, an increase of approximately 20% on a year-over-year basis. Much of this will go toward the after-party during the reception.

Pulling off a successfully prepared wedding doesn’t come cheaply in the United States. When excluding the venue, dress and rings, the average couple spends nearly $12,200 for marriage services, according to Thumbtack.

However, just how much is spent largely depends on where the ceremonial services take place. For example, in Connecticut, the average is $17,200, the most expensive state in the country, the survey found. Meanwhile, the costliest metropolitan area in which to tie the knot is New York City, averaging just under $16,100.

$5,000 growth in spending in the last five years

There’s a lot more to the typical wedding than the venue, wedding bands and dress worn by the blushing bride. There’s also the tuxedo for the groom, professional photographs, videographer expenses, party favors, flowers and the catering. When these extras are taken into consideration – as well as a few more, not including the honeymoon – the overall price is closer to $32,000, according to online wedding marketplace The Knot. That’s up by more than $5,000 over the last five years.

Part of the reason for the growth in spending, outside of higher prices on products and services, is couples’ willingness to spend top dollar for moments they’ll never forget. Formal receptions are more of the norm. For 2016 alone, there’s been a 26% increase in formal dinner reception services, Thumbtack reported from its poll. Additionally, plated meal requests are up 32% from 2015.

Wedding planning going mobile

Mike Steib, CEO for The Knot parent company XO Group, noted how couples are also making use of their smartphones and tablets to make the preparation process a bit more convenient.

“As the cost of weddings continues to rise to an all-time high,” Steib said, “Couples are looking on their mobile devices for personalized planning solutions to help them find the vendors within their budgets who will create their perfect weddings.”

Nearly 90% of couples used their smartphones for wedding planning purposes in 2015, according to The Knot‘s polling data. Additionally, nearly 60% of partners used their internet-enabled cellphones to do research on attire, specifically wedding gowns.

Putting the icing on the cake – literally – are couples who intend to liven up the dessert portion of the proceedings. Tiered cake requests are up 55% over last year, according to Thumbtack.


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