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All About Car Insurance For Teens

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All About Car Insurance For Teens

This article originally appeared in Progressive.

Take some of the worry out of your teenager hitting the road by making certain they’re properly insured. In most cases, you can easily add your teenager to your existing auto insurance if they have their driver’s license or permit.

Buying a stand-alone policy for your family’s newest driver can be pricey — while teenagers usually drive fewer miles than adults, they aren’t as experienced behind the wheel and are more likely to be in an accident. Here’s why it’s almost always far less expensive (and beneficial) to add your teen driver to your existing policy:

Affordability: Your teenager will share in the savings you’ve earned as a longtime driver with a clean driving record and an established credit history.

Control: Since you already monitor the policy, you can easily add and update coverages to make sure your teen driver and their vehicle have the right protection.

Flexibility: If your household has multiple vehicles, your teenager will be insured when driving your car and vice/versa.

Convenience: You’ll only have to manage one policy.

Is it ever more affordable for my teen to have a separate policy?

Rarely. But, if you drive a luxury vehicle or an expensive sports car and your teen does not, it may be cheaper for your teenager to have their own policy.

How does coverage work for teen car insurance?

If you add your teen driver to your policy, they’ll benefit from the same protection that you do:

Liability limits are shared: Your teen driver won’t have a separate liability limit, which means they’ll have the same amount of liability coverage as any other driver on your policy. For instance, if your bodily injury per accident limit is $100,000 and your teen driver injures another driver in a covered accident, your insurer can pay up to the full limit.

Because teen drivers generally pose a greater accident risk, you may want to increase your limits of liability on your policy—especially if your current liability limits aren’t covering your total net worth. Read more on liability coverage.

Extra coverages also apply to your teen: If you have roadside assistance, loan/lease payoff, rental car reimbursement, or disappearing deductibles on your policy, your teen driver will enjoy all the same coverage and benefits.

Glenn Insurance wants you to get the most out of your auto insurance policy and are here to help you understand how its coverages and limits extend to your teen driver. Give us a call at 1-888-OK-GLENN or click here to learn more.

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