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Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation

Self-insured workers’ compensation
•    Do your workers’ compensation premiums continue to escalate and impact your bottom line?
•    Do you want more control over your workers’ compensation claims?
•    Would you like to have a workers’ compensation program specifically tailored to meet your individual needs?
•    Are you confused about your workers’ compensation alternatives?

If you answered YES to these questions, you need to consider a Workers’ Compensation alternative.

We can design a comprehensive, self-funded Worker’s Compensation program to:
•    Lower your cost
•    Give you greater control over your claims
•    Meet your individual needs

We Offer:
•    A Detailed Feasibility Analysis
•    State Regulatory Approval
•    Comprehensive Monthly Reports
•    Economical Claim Administration
•    Loss Control Services
•    Arrangement of Excess Coverage

Contact Us to discuss your Workers’ Compensation Program alternatives.